Academic Program Administrator

Applications are invited for an Academic Program Administrator position with the Department of Biology.

General summary/purpose:

The Academic Affairs Administrator manages the function and is responsible for oversight of all matters related to undergraduate and graduate student activities in the department of Biology (Masters, BA/BS) and the CMDB program (PhD) including but not limited to marketing and recruitment, advising and counseling, program implementation, tracking academic progress, data management and reporting, and special event planning relating to students. This position also coordinates other business and administrative activities related to development and implementation of academic functions in the department.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Provide high-level support in academic matters to the Chair, Program Directors, faculty and students.
  • Independently interpret and supply University academic and business policies and processes related to the students.
  • Strong organizational, administrative and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to directly manage a function.
  • Ability to supervise to prioritize and direct work efforts, and conduct annual performance reviews.
  • Ability to interact with staff of all levels within the organization, keep projects moving forward and motivate team members to perform.
  • Proven ability to assess priorities, with the ability to respond quickly to changing needs and to balance competing responsibilities.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, with the ability to clearly relay information among faculty, staff and students.
  • Strong critical reasoning skills.
  • Ability to negotiate tactfully in ambiguous situations.
  • Knowledge of software applications such as SIS, Slate, Microsoft Office Suite and FileMaker Pro, SAP and the eRA Commons (Xtrain, Xtract)
  • Ability to exhibit a manner of professional behavior that will promote positive interactions between faculty, staff, students and external clients, and enhance the public image of the University, Department and program.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Academic Administration

  • Manage the department’s academic program infrastructure including admissions, administrative and program policies and procedures, website and student database.
  • Serve as front line resource for academic inquiries from within and outside JHU.
  • Manage graduate program and provide support:  Related tasks include course scheduling, course implementation, registration, academic program benchmarks and graduations registration
  • Coordinate and assign 45 teaching assistant (TA) positions for department courses during the fall and spring semesters, and arranges TA training.
  • Oversee and manage the scheduling of oral examinations (GBO, Thesis Defense) in keeping with Graduate Board and department requirements, deadlines and paperwork submission.
  • Collaborate with faculty in implementing new undergraduate and graduate academic curricula and polices for Biology Department and CMDB program
  • Communicate on Chair’s behalf to various student services departments on academic matters.
  • Plan and supervise implementation of annual special events for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Manage and implement the academic program
  • Manage Bio department’s MS program
  • Manage Bio department’s Summer REU program
  • Manage Career Friday’s series and presentations.  Create and Manage budget for series.
  • Assist with administration of NIH training grant
  • Enter financial assistance for all grad students in DGA
  • Plan final graduation events for Undergraduate and Graduate students from Biology
  • Manage NIH-GPP graduate program
  • Plan and attend annual program retreat
  • Schedule all grad and undergrad classes including rooms
  • Arrange speakers and course dates for Current Topics in Biosciences
  • Arrange speakers and dates for Progress reports.
  • Update and publish handbooks for CMDB program
  • Create and design reports both template and ad hoc.
  • Plan and execute Orientation for incoming graduate and undergraduate students
  • Manage the department’s programs including course listing, scheduling classrooms, monitoring enrollments, and assigning TAs and Tutors
  • Communicate on Chair’s and Program Directors; behalf to various student services departments on academic matters.
  • Strategic financial planning
  • Submit financial aid for graduate student salary, tuition and health insurance for DGA
  • Work with student organizations such as MinDS, Inspire, Big Sib/Little Sib, and Tribeta to establish budgets and plan events
  • Monitors academic progress of all graduate students.
  • Maintain departmental catalog pages
  • Attend department and University-sponsored training to increase knowledge, improve skills, and learn new skills


  • Manage the overall annual graduate admissions and student recruitment process.
  • Coordinate with the KSAS Graduate Admissions office to establish department’s admissions’ deadline
  • Update content on University’s Admissions’ website and recruitment publications.
  • Provide reports, recommendations, and data to the Admissions Committee.
  • Facilitate and attend Admissions Committee meetings.
  • Determine allowability and process fee waiver requests for applicants.
  • Enter final decisions into Slate.
  • Prepare on-line files of accepted students for enrollment.
  • Monitor on-line application process, respond to e-mail inquiries and communicate with prospective candidates.
  • Distribute reports and information to appropriate faculty members.
  • Oversee preparation of distribution of emails and correspondence to admitted candidates
  • Plan interview weekend for prospective graduate students
  • Set up informational booth regarding Biology and MCB majors for prospective undergraduate students Open House.

Marketing and Recruiting:

  • Collaborate with faculty committees in developing and evaluating recruitment materials
  • Organize CMDB contingent to attend minority recruitment opportunities
  • Purchase booth space for minority recruitment activities.
  • Attend recruitment fairs as required
  • Measure the success of recruitment events.
  • Plan interview weekend for prospective graduate students
  • Oversight and management of recruiting database used for scheduling during recruitment activities.
  • Organize visits from prospective graduate students including hotel reservations, travel reservations and other recruitment events.
  • Review and publish REU brochure.

Advising and Counseling

  • Advise graduate students on various issues (e.g. matriculation process, University policies, CMDB policies and procedures that affect them).
  • Identify and assign tutors for grad classes if necessary
  • Acts as first point of contact for students in crisis (physical/mental health and or academic progress).
  • Collaborates with the Chair and Student Counseling regarding sensitive issues.
  • Team with program directors to advise students of academic requirements.
  • Advise students of fellowships and research opportunities and procedures for application.
  • Advise and consult with Program Directors on graduate curricula and policy implementation.
  • Advise faculty and undergraduate majors of departmental requirements.

Report Management and Data Analysis/Other

  • Supervise on-going data entry and reporting for the graduate student database.
  • Compile and analyze academic data to complete surveys, questionnaires and other statistical reports related to the department’s academic program.
  • Act as point of contact and handles all routine data reporting needs related to undergraduate and graduate students. 
  • Prepare reports for the Director of Undergraduate studies, Graduate Program Directors, Department Chair, Administrator and Admissions Committees as needed.
  • Track academic progress of students from admission to conclusion of their academic program for NIH training grant reports.
  • Compile major statistical reports for NIH training grant submissions and reports for annual budget meeting.


  • Manage and allocate costs to both related to academic operations (orientation activities, recruitment activities, student groups activities, rotation presentations).
  • Assist with preparation and submission of grant applications related to (NIH) training grant.
  • Maintain data on graduate student support.
  • Graduate aid projections for yearly budget meeting

Performance Management/Human Resources

  • Supervise one Academic Coordinator
  • Conduct annual performance review
  • Prioritize and direct work efforts, providing guidance and direction.
  • Carry out other related duties as assigned.

Minimum qualifications (mandatory):

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Three years progressively responsible experience in program administration in an academic environment.
  • Additional education may substitute for required experience, to the extent permitted by the JHU equivalency formula.

Preferred Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree, 5 years progressively responsible administrative/academic experience with some supervisory experience.

Internal and External Contacts:

Additional education may substitute for required experience, to the extent permitted by JHU equivalency formula:

Level of Independent Decision Making:

Makes decisions on appropriateness of thesis committees, appoints the chairs of the committees, make decision on acceptable electives, makes policy decisions and recommendations and decides on the implementation of the policies, makes decisions on appointees to the training grant, decides on location for annual retreat, makes decisions on TA’s and which class they will be assigned

Technical qualifications or specialized certifications:

Knowledge of software applications such as SIS, Slate, Microsoft Office Suite and FileMaker Pro, SAP and the eRA Commons (Xtrain, Xtract), knowledge of NIH grant policies

Any specific physical requirements for the job:

Must be able to travel.

Supervisory responsibility (indicate the number and type of persons supervised by incumbent):

Supervise one Academic Program Coordinator.

To apply:

Johns Hopkins University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and actively encourages interest from minorities and women.
(Posted: 5/10/2021)