Postdoctoral Positions in Johnston Lab

Postdoctoral positions are available in the lab of Robert Johnston in the Department of Biology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

The Johnston lab studies how stochastic gene regulatory mechanisms diversify cell fates during eye development. We use the fruit fly eye and human retinas grown from stem cells as model systems. In particular, we are interested in how DNA elements and transcription factors control subnuclear positioning, DNA looping, and chromatin state to determine stochastic, stable on/off gene expression during development. For more info, please visit our website.

Our lab is addressing the question of stochastic gene regulation from multiple diverse angles. We are seeking candidates ideally with experience in one or more of the following areas: fly genetics, stem cell/organoid culture, mouse genetics, developmental neurobiology, genomics, evolutionary developmental biology, population genetics, cell biology/imaging/image analysis, computational/quantitative biology, or physics.

Please send your CV, a brief statement of research interests and career goals, and contact information for three references to Robert Johnston at

Johns Hopkins University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and actively encourages interest from minorities and women.
(Posted: 11/18/2015)