Master’s Program Advanced Course Requirements

Courses Fulfilling the Advanced Course Requirements for the MS Program

020.304 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
020.307 Enzymes, Metabolism, and Metabolic Disorders
020.310/610 Developmental Neurobiology
020.312/612 Introduction to the Human Brain
020.317/614 Signaling in Development and Disease
020.322 Cellular and Molecular Biology of Sensation
020.324 DNA Microarray Technology (Bioinformatics)
020.325 Introduction to the Protein World
020.326 The Sugar Code: The Sweet Side of Life (formerly Intro to Glycobiology)
020.328 Adopt a Genome: Genomics and sequence analyses*
020.329 The Microbial World
020.331/630 Human Genetics
020.332 Photosynthesis by Land and Aquatic Organisms (Plant Biochemistry)
020.333 Adaptations of Plants to Their Environments
020.334 Planets, Life and the Universe
020.335 Landmarks in Biochemical Research
020.336 Stem Cell Biology (in Development and Disease)
020.337 Stem Cells & the Biology of Aging & Disease
020.342 Proteins
020.344 Virology
020.346 Immunobiology
020.347 AIDS
020.349 Microbial Pathogenesis (Epidemics and Pandemics)
020.352 Topics in Virology and Bacteriology
020.353 Examining Alternative Health Strategies
020.365 Introduction to the Human Skeleton
020.368 Mammalian Evolution
020.370/670 Emerging Strategies and Applications in Biomedical Research
020.374 Comparative Animal Physiology
020.375 Human Anatomy
020.376/606 Molecular Evolution
020.379 Evolution
020.380 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology
020.383 Molecular Biology of Aging
020.629 Principles of Cancer Biology (Human Cancer Biology and Treatment)
020.634 Chromatin and Transcription
020.637 Genomes and Development
020.638 Regulation and Mechanisms of the Cell Cycle
020.639 Macromolecular Assemblies in Biology
020.640 Epigenetics & Chromosome Dynamics
020.642 Proteins: Structure, Folding, and Interaction with Partners
020.646 Biological Spectroscopy
020.651 Retroviruses
020.665 Advanced Biochemistry
020.667 Bioconjugate Techniques
020.668 Advanced Molecular Biology
020.674 Grad Biophysical Chemistry
020.676 Functional Interpretation of Biological Structures
020.680 Molecular Basis of Drug Discovery
020.682 Molecular Recognition and Signaling
020.686 Advanced Cell Biology

*Successful completion of this course provides 1 credit hour toward the upper-level bio elective requirement for the BA and BS degrees and 2 credit hours toward the BS research requirement.