Students earning either a BA in biology or BS in cellular and molecular biology are eligible to receive their degree with honors. The following requirements are in addition to the regular requirements for the degrees.

  • GPA of 3.5 or higher in N and Q courses. Use the Honor’s GPA Worksheet to calculate your GPA in these courses and attach a transcript
  • 6 credits of registered independent research (note that this is already a requirement for the BS degree)
  • A letter of support from your research supervisor (the PI of the lab)
  • Presentation of your independent research as a seminar or poster presentation

Once you have the above materials assembled, please contact Dr. Horner and set a time to meet with him to discuss honors. For spring graduation, this meeting should occur by February 28. For fall graduation, the meeting should occur by September 28.

The poster may be presented at the annual TriBeta Biology Honor Society poster session scheduled near the end of the term, or at another poster session (Howard Hughes, Provost, or scientific meeting). To document previous poster, the student must provide Dr. Horner with documentation of the poster session with the student’s name and poster title printed in it.

You may contact Dr. Horner at rdhorner@jhu.edu.