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Jocelyne DiRuggiero

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Jocelyne DiRuggiero is an associate research professor in the Department of Biology and holds an appointment in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. She received her PhD from the University Claude Bernard in Lyon, France. Her research focuses on the mechanisms of stress response in extremophiles and on the microbial ecology of extreme environments.

Microorganisms have inhabited the Earth for 3.4 billion years of its history. They are essential for the evolution of its minerals, its major geochemical cycles, and its atmosphere, yet the extent of their diversity, their metabolic capabilities, and their ecosystem-level interactions remains vastly unexplored.

Understanding the link between the geochemistry we observe and the large-scale impact of microbial activity is critical if we want to learn more about our own biosphere, and how to better conserve and protect the environment. We are using microorganisms that live in extreme environments to address fundamental processes in biology, in particular mechanisms underlying the diversity of microbial communities, their functioning, and they responses to environmental perturbation.

At the molecular level, we focus on adaptive mechanisms of extremophiles to environmental stresses. We are currently investigating the role of small non-coding RNA in the oxidative stress response using haloarchaea as model systems.

At the ecosystem level, we focus on the mechanisms that generate and maintain microbial diversity and how these processes affect ecosystem functioning at the dry limit for life. Our field sites include multiple deserts around the world and the Dry Valleys of Antarctica.

Our research is directly related to Astrobiology. Visit the Institute for Planets and Life web site [] at the Space Telescope Science Institute and Johns Hopkins University

Atacama Desert, Chile

Atacama desert image 1 Atacama desert image 2

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