Rajiv McCoy

Rajiv McCoy

Assistant Professor

PhD, Stanford University

UTL 383
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Rajiv McCoy is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology whose research is focused on human genetics and evolution. He received his PhD from Stanford University and completed his postdoctoral work at Princeton University and the University of Washington.

Our lab uses computational and statistical approaches to investigate the evolution and function of human genomes. Specific research interests relate to understanding the functional and fitness consequences of genetic variation–including large-scale chromosome abnormalities. We are also interested in the evolutionary processes that generate and maintain functional genetic variation in human populations.

Functional Evolutionary Genomics: Genetic variation provides the raw material of evolution. How is this variation filtered by the interacting forces of selection, recombination, and demography to produce phenotypic diversity? Humans offer an appealing system to address this question due to the wealth of whole-genome data, large-scale mapping of regulatory mutations, and recent development of high-throughput functional assays. We are leveraging data from both modern and archaic humans to better understand the evolutionary forces that shape our genomes.

Human Aneuploidy: Human reproduction is both inefficient and individually variable, despite its close link to fitness. Only approximately half of conceptions survive to term, mostly due to aneuploidy—the gain or loss of whole chromosomes. Working with collaborators from both academia and industry, we are investigating the molecular origins, functional consequences, and genetic basis of variation in human aneuploidy.

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